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Sets, directly controlled by MACH 3

For those who want as quickly as possible to drive on their own CNC machines, we offer already prepared kits containing:

1. Assembled electrical cabinet with:

  • 3 or 4 VSD - E -160 drives
  • linear power supply with a rated power 1500 W
  • brake resistor for dissipating energy generated during deceleration
  • cooling system
  • adequate switches and electro automatics
  • Break out board for connecting to PC parallel port
  • Enough free space for customization related to specific machine

2. Relevant number of servo motors

Type Single price
Price   3pcs +
Price 10pcs +
MACH 3 ready set 3 axes - 750 W motors w/o gear or holding brake* 1938 1898 1848
MACH 3 ready set 4 axes - 750 W motors w/o gear or holding brake* 2384 2335 2274

* Depending on Your needs the set could be completed using other types of motors

motion sets

Plug & Turn sets for MACH 3