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VSD-E/VSD-XE - Precision servo motor drives

VSD-E & VSD-XE is a state of the art precision servo motor drive/controller for AC and DC servomotors and stepping motors, designed and produced in the European Union.

In terms of its parameters, they are a wonderful Low cost alternative to products offered by leaders in the industry. VSD-E is perfectly matched to wide range of motors from 5 to 1500W, thanks to unique high dynamic range torque control (HDRT). This makes them equally well applicable in both the professional machines and at home workshops.

Description Single axis servo drive improved servo drive double axis servo drive
Motor types brush DC and brushless DC (BLDC), permanent magnet synchronous (PMSM), linear, stepper DC
Supply voltage 12-160 V DC
Ratedl current [A] 10 (SMPM/BLDC), 14 (DC) 14 (SMPM/BLDC), 18 (DC) 2x8/2x11
Max current [A] 20 (SMPM/BLDC), 40 (DC) 20(SMPM/BLDC), 40 (DC) 2x20/2x20
Drive protections short circuit, overcurrent, overtemperature, IIt, overvoltage, undervoltage, reverse supply polarity
Setpoint inputs Step/Dir, QEP, PWM, Analog, SPI, Indexer 2xStep/Dir
Single price [EURO]  199 243 199/243
Warranty 1 year 2 years 1 г. / 2 years



option Price Description
USB adapter 19 Needed to configure the drives through GDtool. Only one cable needed to configure any number of drives (type FTDI TTL-232R 5V)
VSDEPI Interface Board 65 Allows the connection of up to 4 drives to PC - through a parallel port - for example MACH3
VSD-E installation kit 17 Mating connectors, optical fibers and installation panels


Discontinued product!!!




VSD-E/VSD-XE - Прецизно серво електрозадвижване

VSD-E/VSD-XE - Прецизно серво електрозадвижване