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Increasing the degree of automation of production is labor intensive and complex task that the other party could pay off very quickly.

How this can be done is generally based on two approaches:

1. The contracting authority to appoint and train all the diverse and necessary personnel to undertake these tasks in the plant.

The advantages and disadvantages of this way include:

  • Retention of know-how within the organization plus
  • Under certain conditions - lower cost of projects plus
  • Longer implementation periods, respectively, return on investmentminus
  • Need for training (at least 6-12 months) and maintenance of high-qualified personnel, which in most cases is not justifiedminus
  • Divert resources from core business and competency of the enterpriseminus

2. In the long or short term projects related to automation, control, drive and data processing, or that part thereof, for which there is no free and trained resources within the company to be awarded to an external organization. One that has the appropriate expertise, personnel and links to organize the optimum in terms of cost and time performance of similar tasks.

The second technique is commonly called "Outsourcing".

PL Control Ltd worked successfully in the role of such "External source" of labor resources with companies from Bulgaria and Western Europe.

To the companies that prefer the first option we offer advice on the selection of automation equipment - hardware, its supplier, algorithms and so on.

Whichever option for cooperation, we remain close to our clients, helping their business in a mutually beneficial way.