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автоматизация на процесите в пружинното производство

Automation of production processes in spring production

The specialists of PL Control have more than a decade of experience in the automation of production processes in spring production - from the modernization and introducing of electronic machinery for the molding of springs by cold and hot processes, through grinding operations to quality control.

Range of automated devices for the automatic measuring of power performance and training of pressure springs.

The proposed series of one-and two-column machines for automated grading of the springs and measuring their parameters as a result gives the following parameters and features:

  • Measured force at set deformation
  • Measured deformation at set force
  • Spring constant
  • Characteristics of spring F (h)
  • Free height of spring
  • Height in the spring block

Covers the range effort from 1N to 50 KN, the height of the springs from 5 to 550 mm and a diameter of 2 to 400 mm

Device for measuring the geometric parameters of cylindrical pressure springs

The measured parameters include:

  • Free height of spring
  • Deviation from parallelism of their foreheads
  • Deviation from perpendicularity to entities on their foreheads

Машина за окачествяване на силовите характеристики TP081

Machine qualifying the force characteristics TP081






шина за окачествяване на геометрията SMM0901

Machine qualifying the geometry SMM091