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  • in order to honor our obligations to you when we provide you our products and services;
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 Right to make informed choices:

We always presents you accurate information and give you the right to choose the type of personal information we collect from you and the purposes for which we collect and process it. We will not use your personal information for purposes incompatible with these principles and our Privacy Policy.

 Access your data:

We provide you with free access and the ability to view, correct, supplement, transfer or delete your personal information shared with us.

 What data do we store:

The data we store can be names, phones, addresses, emails, location, and more.

 Reasons and purposes for storing your personal data:

We use your personal information to fulfill our obligations quickly and efficiently. We need the information to be able to actively communicate with you regarding the services, products and activities we offer, and to be of best use to you. The personal data of the user can be used to authenticate and communicate when made inquiries, using the contact form, providing advertising content tailored to the interests of the user, statistical information on the use of the website, protecting the information security of the site and other.

 Data security:

To protect your personal information from misuse, we apply strict measures to protect the information we store and require the same level of security from our partners to whom we provide it to fulfill your obligations.

 Sharing with third sides:

We only share your personal information with third sides if they are required to provide them with the same levels of protection as we provide. All this happens only if we need to work with third sides who are part of the process of fulfilling our obligations to you.


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